In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, and in helping to do our part to keep everyone safe and healthy, we are currently only offering Virtual Classes and Support online including:


Prenatal Preparation for Labor and Birth

Private Childbirth Education

Birth Support

Postpartum Support

New Parent Coaching

Breastfeeding Classes

 Lactation Consultations

Sleep Support

Online Classes 

For more information see our virtual support information page or to schedule a consultation, please contact via email at

What We Do


Silver Lining Doulas is dedicated to providing comprehensive education & care to women and their families during  the childbearing years, covering everything from preconception and fertility to childbirth education, lactation support and parenting in the early weeks. We bring our extensive knowledge and experience to provide , individualized and personal care for your growing family. 


"Amy displays traits of kindheartedness, generosity and overall goodness.

Amy carries many strengths-her greatest is her “on-call” flexibility and passion for her job. Although Amy doesn’t refer to her work as a job, but rather a love, she is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to caring for babies and their overall development. Amy devotes her full attention to the well being of each child and provides beneficial feedback to the parents. I’ve seen it with me as well as other new mothers."


"One of the best and most important things about Amy is that, not only is she extremely knowledgeable about all things 'baby', but the way she conveys and shares that knowledge makes it very easy to receive. There's zero judgement, and no pressure to do things "her way"...she's just there as an amazing support and resource! I feel very lucky that I met Amy, and will be forever grateful for the help that she gave to our new family. I recommend her without hesitation or reservation."


"I was struck by her character immediately. She radiated confidence, calm, empathy and warmth, things which as I was about to become a mother, were balm to my soul.   As a doula she exhibited so many qualities that I admired. She was unfailingly reliable, constantly reassuring and so incredibly patient, not just with my child, but with me. "