The Nest

A Postpartum Planning Retreat

As birth professionals meeting new mothers and fathers for the first time, we often hear..."Why didn't anyone tell me it was going to be like this?"


It's true, the birth of a baby is one of the most a beautiful and profound experiences we have as human beings. It can also unexpectedly turn your world on its head. New parents are often teetering between the immense and sometimes overwhelming feelings they have for their new baby,  the shock and awe of birth itself, the heaviness of sleep deprivation, and confusion from a lack of knowledge about how to care for themselves and their newborn. Our goal in creating  the Nest Retreat as postpartum professionals, is to prepare families with information and support to make choices for themselves in order to ease the transition and truly thrive through the postpartum period.


So many times, we are so focused on the magic and  excitement of the BIG day that it becomes easy to overlook the next phase. While each families experiences will vary, in our "Nest Retreat",  we will cover everything from feeding and caring for your newborn to caring for your home, yourself, and your relationships. When it comes to new babies you can always expect the unexpected! Babies bring a slew of changes to our lives in so many facets. Join us and figure out how to navigate them with confidence!


We will help de-mystify the 4th trimester by sharing our expertise and knowledge so that you understand the physiological changes your body will experience. We will give you the knowledge and tools you'll need to care for yourselves and your newborn and help you to understand how your relationships might shift and transform in the process of becoming a family. We will help you plan for some of those unexpected "what if's" that may come up along the way. We will also explore some not so talked about subjects and arm you with information to help you recognize the signs of and understand your risk of Postpartum Disorders, what measures you can take for prevention, and where to find support if necessary.  And last but certainly not least, we will help you get more sleep!


All the while, we will be pampering you with luxurious services, nourishing you with delicious, nutritious meals, and helping you get more and more comfortable with the exciting transition that is upon you.


The Nest Retreat is perfect for any expectant family, whether you are having your 1st child or your 5th child.

We recommend registering and attending between 26-34 weeks gestation.


  1. 3 Nights Lodging for 2 at a cozy Inn in the Berkshires, a gorgeous hotel in the city of Boston, or a luxurious mansion home on beautiful Cape Cod

  2. Delicious Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks Daily

  3. Welcome Dinner on Thursday Night

  4. Creating a Postpartum Plan

  5. Understanding Postpartum Disorders and Resources for Support

  6. Nutrition for Healthy Postpartum Recovery

  7. Comprehensive Newborn Care: Operating Instructions and Understanding Your New Baby

  8. Breastfeeding 101

  9. Getting More Sleep and Creating Healthy Sleep Habits for the Whole Family

  10. Navigating Changes in your Relationships

  11. Managing the "New Normal"

  12. Partner Inclusion in the Mother/Baby Dyad

  13. Finding Balance in your New World as Parents

  14. Prenatal Massage 

  15. Saturday Morning Group Yoga

  16. One Reiki Session 

  17. One Fear Clearing Session to Help Ease Fears about Becoming New Parents

  18. An Aromatherapy Consultation for the Postpartum Period

  19. A Maternity Photography Mini Session or Voucher for Newborn Photos after your Baby Arrives

  20. Bengkung Belly Binding Instruction for After Delivery

  21. "Ask the Doulas" All of Your Postpartum Questions 

  22. A Deluxe Goodie Bag of our Favorite Products


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3:00-6:00 pm  

Arrival and Check in  


6:00-7:30 pm    

Welcome Dinner and Introductions


7:30-9:30 pm  

Clinical Self Care 

What to Expect During the First 6 Weeks After Birth  

Physical Recovery and Hormonal Changes After Birth 

Sleep for Restoration 


8:30-9:30 am

Breakfast/Guest Speaker-Self Preservation and Parenthood 

10:00-12:30 pm   

Comprehensive Newborn Care: 

Diapering, Bathing, Nail Care, Health

Swaddling 101 

Evidence Based Infant Soothing 

Purple Crying, Colic and Shaken Baby Syndrome  

Understanding Newborn Sleep

 Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits

Safe Sleep  




30 Minute Massage  

Reiki Session  

Aromatherapy Session  

Acupuncture/ Acupressure

Mini Maternity Photo Shoots 


Dinner and exploration on your own




8:00-9:00 am  



9:00-10:00 am  

Group Prenatal Yoga 


10:30-12:30 pm  

Breastfeeding 101  

Nutrition for Breastfeeding and Healing  

12:30-2:00 pm  

Lunch and Relaxation  



60 Minute Massage  

Fear Release Session

Reiki Session  

Aromatherapy Session  

Mini Maternity Photo Shoots  

Bengkung Belly Binding Instruction   



Dinner and exploration on your own




8:30 am-9:30 am   

Breakfast/ Guest Speaker 


9:30 am-12:00 pm     

Postpartum Disorders: Prevention, Warning Signs, & Treatment 

Redefining your Roles and Relationships 

Partner Support 

Mental Load Management  

Finding Balance 

12:00 pm-1:00 pm  


1:30-4:30 pm  

Your Baby: Overview of What to Expect in the First Year 

Setting Up Your Home 

Nursery Necessities 

Visitors or Helpers? 

How do Postpartum Doulas Support New Families? 

Swag Bags 


Wrap up and Farewell 

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