Childbirth Education Retreats and Private Classes

 How do you feel about childbirth classes? 

Most Childbrth class are held in clinical settings over the course of 4-6 weeks. Imagine instead treating yourselves to a weekend getaway somewhere special in beautiful, charming New England!

We offer our weekend getaway retreats in the city, in the hills and on on the coast so you can choose your preferred locale to relax and learn. You will have the opportunity to take a stroll through town, see beautiful historical landmarks, take a leisurely hike through the nature trails or sink your toes into the beachy sand in the midst of soaking up all of the birthing wisdom. Cozy up and get ready to be pamperd while learning everything you need to know for the addition of your new baby to your family!

What is included?

Lodging for 2

Meals and Snacks

Natural & Prepared Childbirth Education

Beginning Breastfeeding

Postpartum Planning  

Comfort Measures for Labor

Prenatal Massage 

Saturday Morning Group Yoga

Reiki Session 

Fear Clearing Session 

Acupuncture Treatment 

Aromatherapy Consultation 

Maternity Photography Mini Sessions 

"Ask the Doulas" All of Your Birth or Postpartum Questions 

A Deluxe Goodie Bag of our Favorite Products


For more detailed information please contact us.

Private Classes in the Comfort of your Home


Natural and Prepared childbirth Classes can also be  taught privately or in small group settings to your family in order to customized your experience.

In these classes you will learn about:

  • Anatomy of pregnancy and childbirth

  • The role hormones play in labor and delivery

  • Stages of labor and delivery

  • Common procedures

  • Pain Management

  • Practice Positions and Firm Touch in Labor

  • Birth Scenarios

  • Planning for your birth

  • What to expect immediately after birth for mother and the newborn

  • Breastfeeding in the Immediate Postpartum

  • Postpartum Planning and much more...