Cornerstone Partner Workshop


This workshop is just for you.

We have come a long way from the days of nervously pacing in the waiting room while waiting for our babies transcend into the world. It's magical to witness the birth of a child and equally as marvelous to provide support, encouragement, and be a source of strength for your partner. It is difficult to provide your pregnant partner support if you don’t know what she is going through. By being intentional in learning about what she is experiencing and what changes are likely to occur throughout the pregnancy and postpartum period, you will have a much better understanding of their experience, what to expect, and how to support them. In this workshop, not only will you learn about the importance of and need for the support you provide for the new mom in your life, you will also learn how to keep yourself strong and healthy, about resources available for getting support for yourself, why you might need it, and where to find it.


We will cover things such things including support during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and how to be and stay involved without becoming just the "diaper changer". We will also touch on  couples communication,  how to support a healthy and sustainable work-family balance, self care and community for you, ways for YOU to bond with your baby, and identifying risk factors for prenatal and postpartum mood disorders in both yourself or your partner. You will have the opportunity to talk with and ask questions of top birth professionals in the industry and gain an understanding of how to transition smoothly into parenthood and to set and reach your own parenting and relationship goals.