Meet Heather Chiancola, Birth and Postpartum Doula, Reiki Practioner, and Placenta Encapsulator

Prior to her Doula career, Heather was a preschool teacher and earned a degree in nutrition with a focus on pregnancy and the postpartum mother. She completed her Doula training with CAPPA and has served over 50 families in New England over the last 3 years. Because of her education and professional background, she prides herself on the well rounded support she is able to provide families through pregnancy and the 4th trimester.

Heather is such an asset at the  births she attends and believes that while every birth is unique, she is able to navigate the needs of the families she supports with with ease. Often times, partners or birthing mothers may fear that  a doula will replace the roll of the partner in the birthing process but it is her mission to never interfere in such a relationship! She is there for the partner as much as for the birthing mother. Whether it is giving the partner a break from rubbing the mom's back, letting the partner use the restroom or take a nap, or being the person to fetch whatever the mom or partner may need in that moment so that they are able to be together whole time, she will be there to help out.

For the partner, Heather provides gentle guidance in helping them navigate what may be foreign territory so that they can really focus on the mama. She becomes as involved as you would like in a way that feels most comfortable for you!

As a postpartum Doula, she has been described as a dream come true! Heather is a compassionate and empathic listener, and she will be your biggest cheerleader. She is well versed in newborn care as well as the care of a new mother. She is also a force to be wreckend with when it comes to practical support! She is a joy to be around and will help you be able to relax and find confidence in your roles as new parents. When she comes to your home for either an overnight or daytime shift, you will be amazed at how much she is able to accomplish while caring for your baby and being sure you are able to do what you need to in order to feel refreshed and recharged.

​ Heather is also a mother to two adorable, adventurous boys ages 6 and 8. She enjoys spending time volunteering, traveling, and helping families flourish. She is also currently studying to become a Pediatric Sleep Consultant! Basically, she is Wonder Woman, and we are confident that  you will appreciate her just as much as we do!