Milk & Cookies

Breastfeeding Workshop

Welcome to our most delicious and nutritious workshop!

Join us as we explore all things breastfeeding. In this workshop not only will you get your fill of freshly baked cookies but you will spend the day learning all about:

  • The importance of early Breastfeeding 

  • Nutrition and self care during Breastfeeding

  • Partner support

  • Positions and latch

  • Strategies for  over coming Breastfeeding challenges

  • Varying Breastfeeding positions for mom and  baby 

  • Assessing adequate intake for growth

  • How to care for sore nipples and painful breasts

  • Alternative feeding methods and supplementation

  • The science behind the benefits of skin-to-skin  

  • Normal milestones for infants and how feeding will change as baby grows

  • Feeding twins or multiples (when appropriate)

  • Nutritional needs for the mother and baby

  • Tandem nursing

  • Supplemental Nursing Systems

  • Storage of milk

  • Pumping instruction and support

  • Introducing a bottle, when, why, and how?

  • Paced bottle feeding