Workshops & Retreats

We offer our weekend getaway retreats in the city, in the hills and on the coast so you can choose your preferred locale to relax and learn. Cozy up and get ready to be pampered while learning everything you need to know for the addition of your new baby to your family!

For more information about specific dates and locations or what is included click below.

Holding Tummy

The Babymoon

How do you feel about childbirth classes? 

Many classroom experiences are described as 6-10 weeks in an uncomfortable clinical setting learning a lot about hospital policies.

Imagine pairing your childbirth education with a luxurious babymoon that brings you and your partner closer together while learning about and preparing for your little one’s arrival.

Image by Joanna Kosinska

The Nest

The 4th trimester is a trans-formative time, crucial for family bonding. Understanding how to care for yourselves and your newborn, the changes you will experience not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well,  will help your family not only survive, it will ensure you thrive during this time. We will share with you our skills and knowledge in a relaxed and cozy setting. Get a little taste of what postpartum care feels like as you are cared for and pampered during this weekend getaway freeing up your mind to focus on the learning all about caring for yourselves and your new babe in the exciting days and weeks ahead!

Image by Christine Wehrmeier

Birds and Bees

A Fertility Retreat

Join us as we discuss the options, techniques, and resources available to you for optimizing your fertility. For families who are trying to or may even be struggling to  conceive, this retreat is an additional layer of education and support, We will cover family planning, trying to conceive, fertility complications,  taking charge of your fertility,  a more holistic approach to fertility that includes nutrition, exercise and alternative therapies. We will explore education and guidance to achieve conception in the healthiest way.


The Cornerstone Partner Workshop

 The Importance of Partner Support

Postpartum can be exciting yet interesting territory to navigate for everyone. Its beautifully messy.  Join us to learn and understand the physical and emotional changes of a postpartum family. Learn skills to support, stay involved and discover all of the great ways to care for yourself and your partner and bond with with your in new baby.


Coming soon!

Queen Bee

If there is ever a time in life for the royal treatment, this is it.  Come and spend the day with other expecting mamas and get pampered! Take a peek at the line up of services we have in store for you! Reiki, massage, henna belly painting, mini photo shoot, aromatherapy, acupuncture, deluxe goodie bags and so much more!


After all its good to be Queen!

Image by Christina Branco

Milk and Cookies

Who wants some Milk and Cookies with a little side dish of knowledge??


Come enjoy a special treat with us as we discuss all things lactation, how to fit breastfeeding into your life and establish the relationship with your baby that you desire. We will also incorporate information that is helpful for partners of breastfeeding parents to know about supporting the mother and baby.


(There really will be actual cookies for you. Lots and lots of cookies!)