Day or Overnight Postpartum Care

  Need more sleep?​ No Problem!​

One of our most popular services is our overnight support. Our postpartum doulas  care for  babies overnight for those families who maybe needing extra support for recovery, are wanting to function at their best during the day, or may be returning to work and need the extra hours of sleep.  Although you maybe up in the night to feed your baby, our clients report that the quality of sleep they get while we are there does not compare to being on their own investigating every little peep from the bassinet.

Sufficient rest is key to a speedy recovery from birth. It is also crucial for breast milk production and overall well being. We support families to get rest in many ways. We can help you to set up a safe sleep environment and routines that not only helps newborns but also parents to get the most restful sleep possible.


For families needing extra support in the sleep department, we are here for you!  Just ask!​

Services are tailored to your specific needs, set of priorities and are usually arranged by daily, weekly or bi-weekly sessions that last anywhere from 2 weeks to 20 weeks or more. Sessions are booked in 4 hour blocks with the exception of overnight services which are arranged in 8+ hour blocks of time.

Ask us about our discounted fee for birth doula clients who wish to contract for postpartum care hours.

Every parent has questions after bringing home a new baby. Postpartum doula's are here to help. Imagine having a "Baby Whisperer" by your side as you figure out this new role and this new little being. We provide the emotional support (you might be surprised you'll need), practical support around the house, and hands on skills you will need to not only survive the first weeks and months, but to THRIVE through them.  Postpartum Doulas wear many hats and can help new families in a multitude of ways. Research evidence shows that the quality services of a Postpartum Doula can ease the transition that comes with the addition of a new baby to a family, improve parental satisfaction, and reduce the risk of mood disorders. The goal for a Postpartum Doula is to nurture the whole family while supporting their preferred methods of parenting their new baby in an un-biased way.

Instead of worrying about preparing meals for your family, the dishes in the sink, mailing off that package or other household chores, let us handle it and give you the precious time with your sweet baby to bond, get to know each other, and to focus on your own healing and recovery from the birth.


Infant care coaching

Breastfeeding support

Self care instruction

Sibling support/care

Overnight care

Nursery organization

Sleep strategies for the whole family

Evidence based techniques for infant soothing

Baby wearing instruction

Infant massage

Cloth Diapering

Simple errands or tasks

Meal preparation


Light household tidying including laundry

Screening for postpartum issues such as baby blues or postpartum depression

Referrals for any area of need regarding the postpartum/newborn period

Services provided

by a postpartum doula: