Prenatal Preparation for Labor and Birth

What do you need to know about giving birth during this pandemic? Preparation for your partner be your best in person support possible. What can you expect from your chosen birth environment? Home Birth or Hospital?  What are all of your options and how do you choose?

Private Childbirth Education

From pregnancy through early postpartum, we will cover everything you need to know about bringing your baby into the world.

Birth Support

Virtual birth support via video calls, texts, and pone calls while you are in labor either at home or at your chosen birthing place. Continuous support through evidence based information to help you make informed choices for your care and for your new baby, emotional support for you and your partner as you labor, deliver and during the moments post birth. Information to help you be as comfortable and confident as possible during your labor.

Postpartum Support

Guidance through those early days and weeks about what to expect or what you may be experiencing with yourself and your newborn. Individual guidance around all of your questions post birth and emotional support during the current isolation due to the pandemic.

New Parent Coaching

Learn about what you might be able to expect from a newborn after giving birth and gain helpful guidance around parenting your new baby. This covers everything from diapering to evidence based information about soothing, feeding, and sleep for you and your little bundle.

Breastfeeding Classes

This is an in depth look at the science behind breast and chest feeding for new families just starting out.  You will learn everything you need to know about positioning your baby, breast care, how to know if baby is getting enough milk or when to be concerned, increasing your supply if necessary and so much more.

Lactation Consultations

Although breastfeeding is natural, it isn't always easy. A virtual lactation consult can offer help when things aren't going quite right. I will help you trouble shoot any issues that might be coming up including sore nipples, low milk production, possible tongue or lips ties, babies who aren't gaining as expected and more.

Sleep Support

Not getting enough sleep is a common occurrence for new parents. Let us help you understand the science behind newborn sleep and set up some habits that will lead you and your family to a lifetime of healthy sleep.

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